Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Shalisa & Bishop N C Dyer, Ministry of Restoration Int'l Pentecostal Church
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The official book launch of "She Who Walks Alone with One" was held on 17 November at the Ilford Central Library.  When I thought only 30-40 people would arrive, I was pleasantly surprised (shocked, actually!) so see over 100 people at the event, with standing room only!

Book Launch Audience during author Q&A
Picture by Sheree Todd Photograpy
Tel 07956 386688

Audience Participation (& Laughs!) during Author Q&A
Picture by Sheree Todd Photograpy
Tel 07956 386688

Thursday, 31 May 2012



"Everyone, every woman has a story to tell, but few are willing to relive it much less have the courage to tell it.  It’s painful to watch yourself from your now enlightened place, do and say things you would never do now.  It is hard for the swan to ever imagine the ugly duckling she knew so well, was once her – but it’s true!  It is hard to imagine how the sharing of a few of your life experiences can help heal a fellow traveller’s hurt, can soothe a lonely hurt and comfort a tender soul.  “SWWA…WO” is the sharing of my life journey as I traversed the pot holes of low self esteem and relational and emotional road works and many other issues we as women face along our own (and collective) life journeys.  It is not a walk in the park but a look at a sista’s journey from the shadows into the light – for when I thought it was all over, when I thought I was a dead-end, when I thought I was truly alone… I didn’t know He was with me all along…"

I like to write, no, I love to write (as is evidenced by the numererous pens, papers and half-filled notepads and bits of paper that always seem to adorn my environment...! But just holding a pen doesn't make you an author... or does it? 

My sister encouraged me to tell "my story" - which at first I was very reluctant to do because, let's face it, it's only B-star celebrities who seem to rise in popularity after a little "kiss & tell" story ...!   But in hindsight, I began to see my story as an ordinary woman with a little extraordinary story, as a stepping stone for someone else coming up behind me... and, truth be told, if my life journey thus far can shine a light of love and laughter along YOUR path, then my job is done. 

(Failing that, it's a salacious slice of life at "ordinary" - and believe me when I say, it's not as ordinary as you'd think...!") 

So sit back and enjoy the journey … I think you’ll like it…!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


As the song says "ain't no stopping us now!" 

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Well, I'm really getting deeper into "blog country"... so with my David Livingstone safari suit on and my walking stick and net in hand, I'm determined to get it, lol!  For all would be and fledging bloggers, check out this link:

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...and remember, your story is too important NOT to tell...!

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Thursday, 3 May 2012


3 May – She Who Walks Alone…with One:  “Journey Pauses”.

My book is punctuated (what a lovely, sounding word..!) with “Journey Pauses” at strategic places within the relevant chapters.   You know how it is when you’re on a long journey; you’ve been strapped in and buckled up for hours and you just need a chance to stop and regroup, in order to freshen and gather yourself.   That’s exactly what the role of “journey pauses” in my book.  After you’ve walked a mile (or three!) with me, they allow you an opportunity to stop, refresh, regroup and remember incidents from your own life journey; times, places…faces.  And even as you go through you’re daily tasks, just remember to make sure you take a “Journey Pause” – it’ll help to make your journey a little bit more fun!

The following Journey Pause is from Chapter 8 – “Sista to Sista” – in preparation of what’s in store… Grateful for your comments…

Shalisa Anthony, Author

Journey Pause:  I’m pausing at this point to explain the difference between “seeing” or “dating” someone, as based on my journey experiences, as well as from those gleaned from my interactions and conversations with other fellow travellers:

“Seeing” someone is, I believe a mutual “booty” call.  It’s an unwritten but mutually accepted agreement that you’re both “with” each other in the moment; i.e. it’s saying that when you’re together, you’re together and when you’re not, you’re not.  Seeing does not necessitate any real commitment with the person involved; it just is.  “Dating” however involves a (hopefully!) mutual decision to meet someone, usually the person of your affections and desire, in advance and the very nature of the word serves to define the nature of said meeting. 

In most Western cultures, “dating” is usually with an assumed end in mind for both parties (either sex or marriage, depending on which end of the spectrum you are at!)  Sadly, many sistas are “seeing” men all the while believing they’re “dating” them and many brothas are afraid to “see” a sista, even on a platonic relationship, just in case she gets the wrong idea and thinks they’re now “dating”!  Oh, the complexities of life…!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My Bubble's Been Burst....

Okay, it seems as if the fizz is going out of the bottle of bubbly I was waving around last week.  I've now hit the most common and probably traumatic roadblock - finances!  Seems self publishing means you must have cash up front (or in my case, just cash anywhere!!), in order to complete the process.  But did a few failed experiments stop Edison, Fleming and even Richard Branson.?...?  I think not! So, I'll be looking for pennies from heaven - as well as on the ground - and I hope to give a more positive report next time.

Shalisa Anthony, Author